Journal: grateful

Today I am grateful for whoever taught me to trust and take a chance, believing that I can accomplish whatever I put my full mind into. As a result, we ended up in Philadelphia, a city I have come to love.

When we first came up here from Florida to Princeton, I didn’t know what I was getting into, but trusted that we could make the best of it. When an opportunity arose in downtown Philadelphia, I took it with a lot of apprehension. You see, for 38 years I lived in a small village, and despised cities. So, I thought I would be miserable in an urban setting. 

However, when we settled into the 24th floor of 18th & JFK, I found myself really enjoying the access to everything and the sheer vibrancy of city life. 

Now that we have returned after jaunts to Salt Lake City and Nashville, I am really grateful to be back.

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