Resources: Human

Here’s the problem’s root: I’m not fond of HR. It was created to maintain a fair and balanced and legal system of handling the people in an organization. It turned into an internal bureaucracy that punishes creativity, and awards mediocrity. Talk to the folk who work in HR – they will tell you tales that will curl your hair if straight.

There are a number of programs out there to side-step the perils of HR, among them Klick (see the book The Decoded Company). I am in awe of their processes and others. The concern I have is that they are defined and grown in a Petri dish. When they get out into the real world, there are problems.

For instance, I am working on a military base that requires an extensive background check to get clearance in troubling times. I’ve worked in this environment before. It is comfortable to me.

However, it is possible – even  probable – that a small segment of the population can clear the background check and still be totally inappropriate for the the job. Mostly in terms of on-the-job behaviors.

I speak from experience. In a former circumstance I worked with a man who had gone over the edge. He believed that his peers, especially me, were out to push him out of his job. His behavior became more and more erratic. This increased the reactions of those around him. And this justified his fears. Cycle a couple of times, and you know how weird it became.

HR could not deal with him. He had a clearance. He was working on sensitive projects. If identified as a risk, he also put at risk a lot of work that he had done (although his problems did not affect his work from my perspective). He could not be cycled out.

What do these programs offer to handle entrenched systems with logical flaws such as this one?